• No being mean to others
  • No spamming in chat or on pages
  • No creating unneeded pages
  • Please try your best to use accurate spelling and grammar when editing and creating pages
  • No curse words. This includes "H**l" and "d*nm".
  • Sock puppets are ok as long as you have permission from an admin.
  • Assume good faith

Chat PolicyEdit

  • No swearing
  • No being mean to others
  • Spam is allowed, but you must stop if an admin or chat mod tells you to.
  • Try your best not to get into an argument.
    • If you respect eachothers opinion it's ok
  • Caps are allowed, but please do not use them a lot.

To become an admin..Edit

  • You must have the bunny seal of approval given to you by an admin
    • To get one, you must have 100 edits, a good background, and have useful edits on the wiki.
    • It can be taken away if you disobey the policy.
  • Once you have the bunny seal of approval for three days you will become an admin.

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